Who We Are

About Us

H.C. Bonum is a limited liability company registered in Nigeria, with clients in Nigeria and other countries across Africa such as Kenya, Uganda, South Africa, Malawi, Ghana and Sierra Leone.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help facilitate the process by which individuals, teams and organizations achieve desired performance objectives. We provide professional development solutions using tried and tested, globally recognized adult learning methodologies, combine with simple and effective tools.

Our Core Values

We believe that the foundation for successful and sustainable collaborative work within an organization begins with the MUTUAL UNDERSTANDING AND RESPECT for the diversity of experiences and preferences represented, and the MUTUAL VALUING of the unique perspective, talent and strengths that each individual contributes to the organization.

Once in place, this rock-solid foundation then becomes the basis for creating a cycle of productivity in which everyone in the organization is FOCUSED on executing tasks that are ALIGNED to corporate goals, keeping their commitments with a high degree of INTEGRITY, and holding themselves ACCOUNTABLE for the results that they produce.  Over time, we believe that a culture of performance and mutual trust will emerge, which in turn will drive the achievement of outstanding business results.

Our Value Proposition

In H.C. Bonum, moving individuals and companies to the next level of leadership and management performance and productivity, is a creed. We are passionate about helping individuals, teams and organizations realize their full potential through the acquisition of performance enhancing skills, knowledge and practical experience.

You will find in us an organization with the following uncommon beliefs:

  1. Alignment is a key starter to resolving most organizational performance problems.  We leverage the Six Boxes™ Performance Thinking Methodology to look holistically at all drivers of human when determining which intervention to implement for our clients.
  2. Consulting/Facilitation/Training matters only to the degree that it is able to enhance organizational performance.  We are not just facilitators; we are business professionals who are adept at helping participants connect with the overarching objective of business performance.
  3. Consulting/Facilitation/Training must be relevant to the participants and mirror the context in which they work every day for its benefits to be maximized. We do not take a cookie-cutter, one size fits all approach.  We make it a priority to first understand why you work, how you work and what you aim to achieve, before we provide practical and sustainable solutions.

Learning and development begins at the end of one’s comfort zone. It requires exposure to other perspectives and ideas.  We focus on expanding our participants’ “view of the world”, challenge them to overcome limiting paradigms and encourage them to embrace new ideas, notions and concepts, especially global and local best practices.

Our Clients

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