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In H.C. Bonum, moving individuals and companies to the next level of leadership, performance and productivity, is a creed.   We make it a priority to first understand why you work, how you work and what you aim to achieve before we provide practical and sustainable solutions aimed at ensuring strategic alignment, accountability and improvements in overall performance.

We believe that for individuals to realize their full potential and maximize their contribution to the organization, they must, as a matter of necessity, complement their technical skills with behavioral competencies and personal attributes such as self-mastery, personal leadership, emotional intelligence, professionalism, accountability, effective communication, personal effectiveness, creative problem solving, teamwork, influencing, to mention a few.

Our professional development solutions are organized in three Academies. The Graduate Trainee Academy develops work readiness competencies in recent graduates. The Management Excellence Academy develops managerial competencies in team leaders, supervisors and new managers. The Emerging Leaders Academy transforms middle managers into business leaders leading functions, business units and divisions.

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What makes the best team?” Is it the team comprised of individuals with very similar styles – that way there is less conflict? Is it a diverse team? At H.C. Bonum we believe that the best teams are the most cooperative and cohesive teams. These are the teams whose members possess a high degree of attraction for the group, commitment to the collective task and pride in being a member of the group.

Good teamwork and group cohesion is about relationships. It is about each team member understanding their role and contribution to the group and feeling valued for the part they play in helping the team succeed. Our team building programmes help organizations and teams to become more aware of their collective traits, strengths, weaknesses and responses to stress.

We achieve this through educative indoor and outdoor activities that are fun, engaging, and designed to break down barriers that prevent teams from achieving desired results.

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Performance improvement is at the heart of our Coaching Programme. We coach clients to help them become better executives, leaders or managers, make changes in their businesses or careers, transition into new roles, improve their performance, enhance their decision quality, or develop other desired skills. We offer both individual and group coaching aimed at unlocking potential to maximize performance, while supporting individual and team learning goals.

Our approach to coaching begins with the premise that there is genius in everyone. Through a powerful process that aligns coaching goals to organizational and personal goals, we support our clients in discovering their genius and realizing their potential. We do this in a series of face-to-face sessions where we observe, debrief and offer comprehensive feedback, for the duration of the coaching engagement.

We have coached over 50 corporate executives, business leaders and managers.

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Training is not the silver bullet that cures all organizational performance problems. The Six Boxes™ Methodology from our alliance partner, The Performance Thinking Network, enables us to look holistically at all drivers of human performance which include Communication of Performance Expectations & Feedback, Availability and Adequacy of Tools and Resources, Establishment of Consequences and Incentives, Effective Selection and Assignment of Human Resources, Degree of Personal Motivations, in addition to Acquisition of Knowledge and Skills (training) when determining which performance enhancement solution to implement.

Our performance consulting service is ideal for learning and development professionals who do not want a cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all, check-the-box, off-the-shelf-solutions and are interested in increasing their relevance to and impact on the organizations they serve. At H.C. Bonum we believe that now is the time for our clients to move away from the traditional “Annual Training Plan” approach to a more robust “Performance Thinking” approach which enables them to enhance organizational work outputs in a direct and measurable way.

We invest valuable time in the planning phase to understand your business needs and tailor our performance enhancement solutions to achieve your desired objectives. Our performance consultants will work with you long before the creation of your “Training Plan” to define what performance means to your organization, determine performance gaps and develop effective solutions using Six BoxesTM which go beyond “just training”.

Conferences, Retreats and periodic Business Reviews are an important part of an organization’s Accountability Framework and Business Performance Management Process. These events, often offsite, provide business leaders with the opportunity to bring their teams together in one place, engage and energizes the collective, share lessons learned from the past, re-evaluate business assumptions based on emerging trends and create alignment for future strategic initiatives.

While weekly and monthly review meetings are focused on managing the execution of strategies and the day to day running of the business, Conferences and Retreats provide “Control-Tower” perspective that ensures that the things that are most important to the organization, i.e. “Big Bets”, take-off and land successfully.

Our expertise is to help organizations and teams plan and execute an effective conference or retreat agenda that achieves their business objectives by increasing Alignment, Focus, Integrity and Accountability.

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We have integrated aftersales support into learning and development. Our relationship with our client does not end when a performance enhancement solution has been implemented. We stay in touch. Our informing service provides our Alumni network continued access to complimentary professional development materials that support life-long learning. Our monthly professional development newsletter, Trailblazer, is distributed electronically to thousands of professionals who have participated in a H.C. Bonum transformative learning experience. We also distribute newsletters customized to the needs of the different groups that make up our Alumni network.

Lastly, we seek to address the dearth of research data in the learning and professional development sector. From time to time we design surveys to capture productivity and performance data that can be used to identify trends, challenges and best practices in human capital transformation. Currently we are running a Productivity Survey to capture how professionals across Africa feel about their productivity and what they do to improve their effectiveness and productivity.

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