Emerging Leaders Academy (ELA)

ELA Programmes

Leading from Within: Being yourself and taking a lead in your own life.
Agile Thinking: Engaging different thinking modes.
Facilitating Team Work: Collaborating to build alliances
Communicating with Impact: Inspiring and influencing with emotional awareness.
Creating a Compelling Vision: Determining a winning direction.
Leading Change: Initiating and directing transitions.
Delivering Results: Planning and executing for success
Fostering Development: Building capabilities in self and others

Many executives today are concerned about the future leaders of their organization and whether or not they are ready for business leadership responsibilities, especially the non-technical aspects. The Emerging Leaders Academy is designed for experienced (middle) managers who have been identified as possessing the potential to become successful functional, departmental or business unit heads. This cadre of staff usually have 8 to 12 years of work experience.

The Emerging Leaders Academy is a 6 to 12-month intensive programme designed to address the learning and development needs of middle managers tasked with responsibility for executing business strategies and building the leadership pipeline of their organizations. The programme combines classroom training with individual coaching sessions to create a learning experience that is powerful, insightful and effective in developing advanced managerial and leadership skills.

The Emerging Leaders Academy explores leadership in 4 Manifestations and 8 Dimensions using the Insights Discovery Learning System and Insights Transformational Leadership Profiles.

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